Our Experience of Tequila & Mezcal Tasting @ Hotel Nikko !

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Well, we when for Tequila and Mezcal tasting at Bentley’s Pub in Hotel Nikko! I never knew that there’s a pub in Nikko Hotel till I when for this event ! And I never heard of the word Mezcal before thou! With 3 different tequilas and 4 types of Mezcal plus delightful Mexican snacks to enjoy ! Its theme with Mexico. A Festival of Flavours !!

This is one of the Tequila Tizoc. With just a sipped, your definitely gonna be hot all night long! its totally different with those we drank before. it doesn’t taste like those Tequila Pop we have in the club with salt and lime! this taste so strong and bold! And its all the way from Mexico!

That night, we were given the opportuity to taste 3 types of tequila :-

1) Blanco

2) Repesado

3) Anejo

And this is Mezcal which the aroma smell like wood/leather. Well it taste very bitter and we had diff type of Mezcal that night which ranging of Mezcal of Espadin Maguey (9-12 years old), Mezcal of Wild Bicuixe Maguey (12 to 15 years) and Mezcal of Wild Tobasiche (12 to 15 years), Mexicano (13 to 16 years) and Bicuixe Maguey (12 to 15 years)

We were quite fortunate as well cause this guy – Mr. Kevin Tapia, one of the best somelier from Mexico was there to taught on how to taste Tequila and Mezcal !Its not about drinking but to feel it and taste the drinks. One of the tips on how to see if the tequila is real?? “You need to shake on the bottles and if the bubbles/soap is more, the better it is of the quality of the Tequila” !!

Mr. Kevin also taught us to put a bit Tequila on the hand and scrub on both hands for few seconds and smell it! This is where the leather or wood smell came from especially on the Mezcal!

Its a great experience for us on that day. And the price per person is only RM80++ !! you got to drink and got to learn how to drink it ! Faboulous aren’t ??

That’s not all… we also bring back home a wine class of Mexico as a  souvenir!! ^^

Hotel NikkoKuala Lumpur

603-2782 6302



LebaNese CuiSine @ Al-Amar Pavillion

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The Restaurant is located at Pavillion KL and the opening hour is till 2am! So the great thing about it is its one of the indoor restaurant in Pavillion which open till late. Although the entrance door is closed but you just need to said ” I am going to Al-Amar” the guard will let you in ! Cause that’s the only indoor restaurant which open till late.

Ya, it seems to be quite privileged haha.

On the way I when it was actually quite blur cause we ain’t knowing where and which restaurant we were going for a review. What I know is its at Level 6, Pavillion. Never had I ever thought of Lebanese Food ! Its indeed a great experience to taste different type of cuisine and a good exposure and a new things for us to try!

Well , you must be guessing what is this? Hesitate to guess but it looks like some sort of kuih right?? haha… its called “falafel” . Its quite unfortunate cause we arrived late on that day so ended up sitting at the most corner of the table away from the host. Restaurant owner Joseph was kind enough to introduce all their delicacies and how to eat it. But according to our blogger, it is to be dipped in a “tahini sauce”. All those terms sound awky for me as most of the food name is from Lebanon word. Forgive me for being so unattentive >.<

Oriental rice

Fragrant basmati rice cooked with minced beef and spices. Thus, its good combination with the grill served.

Lamb Cutlets

Definitely this is not the portion exactly served! haha.. One thing good about Lebanese food is their emphasis on uses of spices in most of their food and the sauce they serve. If you are a person which loves trying new food i would suggest to give a try at Al-Amar. The restaurant owver Mr. Joseph assured us that their food doesn’t cost much as what you think. Even if you order a glass of wine, the meal wont cost you more than RM100 per person. And its definitely worth the try to dine in this fine dining restaurant at Pavillion.

If you would want to have something full, here you goes… the mixed platter with Kafta Antabli (New) and Kafta Khiskhash (New) (combination of chicken, beef and lamb) Perfect for meat lovers with 3 different kind of meat to taste.

Salad – Tabbouleh Harra

The salad were made of spicy mix of parsley, tomatoes, onions, bulgur wheat and green chili topped with lemon, olive oil and spices which definitely opens up my taste bud. Taste sour and spicy and good to be eaten with pita bread! My suggestion lar 😛

Dessert – Baklawa

In short, Lebanese sweet which taste really really sweet for me ! but looks cute! like old time games- batu seremban !!

Well, don’t be bias with Lebanese restaurant as most of you would have think no alcohol here! nop , you were wrong. To my surprise they served arak Fakra that has an alcohol content of 53% and is one of the best known brands of Lebanese Arak. It is mixed with a ratio of 1 part arak to 2 parts water, and ice is then added. But the effect is so strong. I just have a sipped and I was feeling the kick and my face turned red later due to blood circulation. I guess in about 5 to 6 sipped i am gonna be black out! seriously, this is the strongest alcohol drink i ever tasted!!

According to Joseph, there is once a guest who don’t believe on his advice for not drinking this too soon and he ordered a bottle and bottoms up in half an hour time. End up being escorted home by the friends. Pity him…… hehe.

Apple shisha

Well, another point you could spend there at Al-Amar is chilling out with Shisha smoking. And this is the 1st time i tried on shisha smoking with apple taste. Taste weird like some kind of dettol taste but its indeed a good experience for me cause I would sometime seen it at some of the mamak stall road site but always wondered how it is feels or taste like. And finally I tried and its quite fun actually just for the purpose of fun and to try out new things ! 🙂

Well, dinner end with celebrating Coco’s birthday! The cakes and cup cakes were specially made by Sunny, Big Boys Oven ! Looks nice and attractive! I wish I could have a cake tailored made for me too on my birthday ^^

My bad.. there a lot of back log. Gonna push myself further soon ! Blame on viruses on my lappie and hard disc. Bringing so much trouble ! Hope to get it fixed soon !!

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine
Lot 6.10, Level 6, Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21661011
Fax: 03-21551300
Opening hours: 10am to 2am

Oh ya, another special thing about Al-Amar is on every Friday and Saturday night start at 9p.m onwards there will be a guest apperance by Zein – musical live band duo and accompanied by Belly Dancer all the way from Lebanon only on Saturday after 10p.m!!

Thanks Joseph and Sidney for bring us to the review 🙂

A Taste of Korea at Eccucino, Prince Hotel @ KL

•March 29, 2010 • 1 Comment

On 11th March 2010 we have been invited to attend the Korean Food Festival at Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur ! Its in collaboration with Lotte Hotel World Seoul Korea. It been a while I’ve been away and its time to recharge myself again from now on.

Well it was indeed a special event jointly supported by The Embassy of The Republic of Korea, Samsung, LG, Hyundai and others.

The exotic flavours of Korean cuisine were prepared by Korean Guest Chef Han Chang Soo and the rest of his culinary team! Its an eye opener cause it gather a few other chefs as well in the event.

We were welcomed by this 2 pretty lady dress in traditional Korean attire!

What’s more other than big feast we had had on that day ! Buffet style Korean food & others !!!

A table full with varieties of delicacies and obviously lots of sashimi and fresh oysters which attract most of the ppl the most !!

Chef on hand to prepare in front of the guest of the day.

Korean Bibimbap ! Hard to resist and is my fav among the Korean food…

Fresh sashimi …. the texture definitely shown how it taste already without further need to describe 😛

Well its hot here…. and the chef is busy grilling. Different meat here with mixture of grill chic, lamb, beef and etc.

The tofu taste sour and a bit spicy but just nice to be eaten. Another fav of mind too !!

Besides the food there are varieties of fruits and desserts too which is hard to resist and yummy especially the choco drip !! 😛

Finally we’ve been entertained by the group from Korea which present Drawing Show Theater. There were professionals presenting non-verbal performance of magical drawing show with diverse drawing techniques and special effect. Mostly drawn by their hand with special equipment lives!! Not only that, we were attracted as well with their dancing skills! Great combo between drawing and dancing with is an opener for all the guest present !!

This is 1 of the final drawing from them !! which is great and fantastic show ever !! Salute to them for their art work which is incredible !!What a great night !!

For reservation, contact Eccucino at 603- 2170 8888 ext 8119/8120 !!

More pics and post coming up next !! ^^

Night Out at bIZ cAFE Soho KL

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Yup… suppose the night to be a night out but since there’s no where to go so deicided to go Soho KL at Mont Kiara for a chill out. Plan to go to tENJi for a drink but it closes earlier that night so we chose to hang in for a drink at Biz Cafe at the 1st floor of Soho KL….

Well the place is cool and chilling and suitable for hanging out or gathering with friends. Not so noisy and definitely a good place to have a good night view. You have a good view of the North-South highway from Soho KL once you exit from Jalan Duta or coming in to KL….. serves not only local but Western food as well.  The bakeries and cakes here is made by the chef and its quite famous for it’s cakes too ! ^^

Since its after dinner time we choose to opt for some delicacies which is lighter as a dessert for the night. Biz cafe is famous for their cakes so we decided to try on this cakes cause I love peppermint so much. This is the peppermint chocolate cake ….

Taste sweet and minty … although you would feel like eating toothpaste but it mix well with the chocolate..

We ordered a lime tail as well…. cocktail mix with lime with a sip of salt before tasting the lime tail… definitely a cooler of the nite.

This is the Mango Tree Shakies which I ordered…. with slices of mango in it and a dollop of foam on top … doesn’t taste sweet at all but quite nice together with the piece of cakes…

Straw in a “love” shape.. makes you feel lovey dovey haha….

And to add some spices in the drinking session we ordered this as a tit bits… Scrambled Egg on Chicken Ham and Foccaccia Toast. not bad! and the bread is good too !!

Try it out at Soho KL … Located at the middle of 1st floor of Soho KL ….

Biz Café, SOHO, KL

K-01-11, Jalan Solaris,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
T: 03-6203 0633

Delectable Cup Cakes @ The Gardens

•January 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

Yup, that’s the most indulging cup cakes I’ve seen and packaged nicely in a colorful box with message box for you !! Bump thru the shop near to my office. Located at The Gardens 2nd floor this shop is at corner lot with a lil bit Garden concept… although it doesn’t have much to offer but what attract me the most is the cup cakes !!

Its concept is more on online trading and accepting orders customize towards customer’s needs for any occasion. However you may just walk in to buy the cup cakes which is down to 3 different types!

I bought it for my nephew who’s Birthday is just around Xmas ! It comes with triplet .. I can choose only 1 cup cakes which is 3D and 2 2D Cup cakes as seen in the picture above…..

Start with the indulging love chocolate cup cakes ! it was layered with few choc moist inside and the  top part was made with sugar so it taste a bit sweet… Look sweet but taste even sweeter when you eat in …. but the choc is the most tempting part in the cup cakes !!

Next is the Bear cup cakes which were made from Chocolate as well !! the Bear is made from full chocolate which is edible with rich choc cakes inside.. Melting in your mouth just like a cream with cakes ……

Lastly, to make it more meaningful I bought this Xmas tree cup cakes which is vanilla flavor.. nevertheless it taste good as well as the choc…

Here it goes 3 lovely cup cakes from Delectable ! this is the 1st cup cakes which attracts me to buy !! well I have looking at many places for nice cup cakes and here I go with 3 lil intriguing cup cakes on hand !!

And I;ve spend RM28 for 3 cup cakes ….. >.< expesnive but worth it !! the kids love it so much till they kept looking on it without wanting to eat it…. Not too worry, it can be keep chill or warm for about 4-5 days !!

Here you go Delectable web page !!  http://delectable.com.my . Located at The Gardens, Mid Valley !

Teppanyaki @ 1 Utama !!

•January 20, 2010 • 2 Comments

When for Teppanyaki food today…. food which came from Japan and been transformed a lil when came in to Malaysia. Its specialty was it was cook  on the spot with the chef  cooking with the stove in front of you…. So you could eat instantly while watching the chef cooking…

Although the menu doesn’t have much variety but it is quite a popular food among Malaysian due to its price and acceptable taste for Malaysian.

So the food includes california roll, chawan mushi, sukiyaki, fuji snow -like ABC, Gyoza & main course- chic, beef, prawn or salmon teppanyaki! Drinks include soft drinks & green tea which is refillable either in hot or cold

As shown in the laminated menu, the food serve in Teppanyaki is HALAL & a fast food restaurant. So the turnover of customer is consider high. Sitting there for 2 hours I can see that the table next to us keep on changing. Although its not a chilling place but its a good fast food Jap restaurant for those who prefer Teppanyaki !

The chef cooking for us on that day …..

All 4 types of Teppanyaki served

This is the chic teppanyaki with tauge and cabbage sizzle on the stove just now. Served together with garlic flakes and rice….. taste juicy and with a lil bit of black pepper to savor the taste of chicken. most importantly is the garlic spread on top of the chic.. crunchy to be munch together with the chic !!

This is the california roll… conventional sushi but very nice and freshly made… as you could see, the vege is very fresh and green together with crab stick and crab eggs….

Food those who afraid oily or heaty, you coild opt for suki yaki! served in soup with noodles like “tung hoon” together with some seafood, vege and nevertheless japanese tofu !

So another option to have is the prawn tepanyaki. Stir and grill together with the vege.

Followed by the Salmon Teppanyaki…. not too worry cause its 100% cook and doesn’t tasfe fishy !

Last but not least beef teppayaki which juicy when you eat it. Smell good definitely ^^

Mix of yin & yang. Sauce with chili and soya sauce + garlic

For side dish you could order a gyoza….

And for dessert you could go for Fuji Snow which similar to ABC ice in Malaysia.. But this is definitely worth it cause the ice is tall like Mount Fuji 😛 with lots of ingredient inside like pineapple. red bean & etc. ! Good for cooling after eating the teppanyaki !

Althought its common food but its all time favourite & popular food among Malaysia. Give it a go when you are just too lazy to think of what to eat !

Teppanyaki @ One Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

China Treasures- Sime Darby Convention Centre

•December 27, 2009 • 5 Comments

These day after work we when straight to Sime Darby Convention Centre to a restaurant China Treasure. The specialty here is the La Mian which are freshly pulled noodles like those can be seen thru the kitchen glass.

There’s an area where a variety of fresh seafood for order like the Australian Lobster, Flower crab, abalone, oyster and mores. Uniquely this Chinese Restaurant serves Halal food which I highly recommend cause the food is all great~yummy! The interior was decorated with antiques and the exterior looks exquisite with fine ambiance.

It could fit around 100-150 people so its a good place to have wedding reception.

The front view at the entrance.  I would never if I have never gone into the Convention Centre unless other people recommend me or been there for meeting or convention. But frankly it worth the pennies to go there to enjoy the food although you don’t have any function there. The parking was easy too with spacious car park lot which doesn’t cost anything by the way if you are going at night!

Private room available upon request to enjoy the food in a dimmed light

SO we had been serve with hot tea to warm up once settle down. Not sure what tea exactly we were drinking haha…

The appetiser -deep fried peanut with capcicum and cucumber. The peanut taste sweet and crunchy together with piece of capcisum slices.

The starter for the day Sliced Cold Chicken topped with Green Chilli Sauce. Its uniqueness is it is served cold but definitely not that raw with the dressing which taste a bit spicy and sour. This is very special especially the green chili. Definitely Malaysian taste but not the cold meat ^^

Next is Deep Fried Shimeiji Mushroom with Salted Egg!! This is definitely my fav on that day! cause I love mushroom plus it is fried with salted egg so it taste great and smell real good! It shrunk me and I makes me go back for more ….

And the appetiser, Deep fried MUSHROOM with wasabi sauce. Its a mushroom again but this time is without salted egg so the taste is quite decent but still normal compared to  the appetiser just now. Well, having the first few was very good starter to open my open my taste bud

Its does not contain much MSG compared to some soups serve in restaurant Albeit the  appetiser, its good to clear ur stomach with Double Boiled Seafood Soup in Whole Pumpkin.

Well, clearly you could see inside the soup is the scallop and pieces of crab meat. It mades the soup bring a bit sweet taste with the seafood in it.

Fish of the day is Steam Live Star Garoupa. Soak in soya sauce, the Garoupa doesn’t taste fishy with touch of ginger and hot chili

For poultry menu we had this crispy duck with sauce which is very crunchy on the skin and soft on the flesh! It taste salty but just good with dipping sauce. Though it looks oily but its just fine!! – ‘Roasted Duck Hong Kong Style’

Well this red meat was very tender and when you slice the meat then only you recognise it is a beef instead of chicken. Looks like a steak but its not ! Its Fried Beef Cutlet. Its good in the sauce or else it taste like a normal beef. All thanks to the sauce!!

Nice too see and decorated! Its made of lotus root, lotus seed and etc !! Its all edible and very light for a bite!-  Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic

Close up !! Not bad but the outer layer was tasteless so not my choice ^^

Obvoiusly it was cooked with raisins! Ain’t it unique?? 1st time trying fried prawn in raisins… definitely to try food in the menu!

Deep Fried Prawns with Portugese Sauce

The freshly pulled noodles by the chef from the kitchen!!! Oh, its taste sweet and sour and I love this very much !! Served with garnish like mushroom slice, tofu slice, chic slice with a touch of spices! Highly RECOMMENDED by all the bloggers too !! I miss the la mian actually while writing this !! You just gotta slurp all in and your done!! Cause it just taste so good compared to other places I’ve eaten! – La Mian with Minced Chicken and Mushroom in Spicy Sauce

This also attracts me much and it taste like a tau fu fa.. So soft yet served cold. This is very special and should never miss this while you were there! It smells a lil bit pandan. It was name Chilled Avocado Pudding. Great for the skin too I guess since it is made of Avocado!!

Well, this looks special by looks and appearance since the color really attracts me! Its must have taste very nice too by looking at the texture of the dessert and the sago seed! Just imagine you were slurping on the sago seed! This is Chilled Mango Cream with Pamelo and Sago.

This is dessert had by other blogger which is Chilled Almond with Lychee!!

Chinese Herbal Jelly cost only RM6.00++ which is cheap with sugar water. This taste original with herbs and bitter too!

And I had the Red Bean with Lotus Seed on that day! The red bean is actually been boiled till soft and the lotus seed is all you could bite in the dessert.

I love this most among all the dessert. This is the Durian Pancake which doesn’t cost much by the way. It is so original without taste artificial with a sprint of choc powder on top~

So tempting and yummy!!!!

Double Boiled “Luo Han Guo” with Winter Melon – served warm which definitely cold you down during a hot day or night!

And the Lobster still alive swimming in the aquarium getting ready to be cook anytime…

This is a group of prawn squeezing in the aquarium !! Look so active!!

This should be the Flower Crab I guess. What I could said on the size is “Wow”!!

And what is this? So huge !

The Chef of the day- Chef David!! distinction goes to chef on the nice food serve!!


China Treasure opens on Monday to Saturday for lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm and for dinner 6.30p.m to 10.00p.m.

Sunday and Public Holidays – lunch from 10.30am to 2.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm to 10.00pm

Reservations: – +603 2089 3788

Address:  1A, Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Bukit Kiara, KL.