Izakaya A La Carte – Enju Jap. Food

Its a good day to start blogging today since it was a weekend. After sometime, finally had some time for myself. What a busy day since I have just started working for the pass 3 weeks.

Well, its a good beginning but not getting used to my life now as I’d get to woke up damn early in the morning and awake in the midst of dreaming. Before the sun rise and back home after dawn…

Let’s share some of the delights I have had in the pass few weeks. Japanese food is not indeed a love of mine but due to influence of the folks I’d been an avid eater of Japanese food….

Located at Prince Hotel in Jalan Conlay, here we begins our food hunt! So we park our car in the Hotel but it was real dizzy to get to their car park. We rounded the building for about 5 floors.  .. uuh..that’s so dizzy man!!

The ambience was very much a typical Japanese style as usual. There’s 2 (two) Tatami room for those who wants private…. but don’t think you may need a private room cause it won’t be that noisy out there.



So upon reaching there we had the starter which taste like a pickles. Sweet and sour with lemonade taste. Its good to clear up your stomache with acidic to make you feeling hunger. It was followed by drink. Nevertheless Sake with 40% alcohol which gets my adrenaline pumping thru the nite. The nites got hot by this Sake. Taste good without smelling alcoholic drink.Tandem, hot sake were being served as well but it taste very bitter. Those who love to drink would like the taste.

And the appetizer of the day is Tatami iwashi. It is made of grilled dried baby sardine sheets. Pieces per pieces can be picked by bitting like a titbits. Frankly this taste like a grilled sotong.

ENJU Signature Rice roll were all available as hand rolls or sushi roll (6 pieces) so its good to go with partner or social gathering with friends.

This is the Enju Dynamite roll which was made of fresh Salmon, cucumber, flying fish roe, tempura flakes, avocado and sushi rice wrapped in dry seaweed. Why is it called Dynamite? Its the wasabi which makes the effect. The wasabi was not that hot actually. So its good to try if you have never tried this before. I finish the wasabi on the side of the plate & had to ask for more ! The sushi were freshly made and the flesh were nor too raw but juicy.

The Shake shioyaki or teriyaki which were made of Norwegian salmon grilled with salt or teriyaki sauce which were given a thumbs up for the day!

This is Gindara saikyo yaki which is grilled white miso-marinated cod. Its boneless.

This is Gyoza which cost RM15++. Its a jap dumpling filled with minced chicken, cabbage, chives and water chestnuts served with a chili oil, vinegar and shoyu diping sauce ^^ 5 gyoza served in a plate.

This drink look special aren’t? Looks like a sparkling drink serve with ice beneath it for cooler effect.

Makimono and Temaki – Deep-fried tiger prawn, mango and sushi rice wrapped in dry seaweed. Taste sweet and fruity. Kinda special with combination and mix of seafood with the fruit.

Okonomi  yaki is a Japanese pizza with crabmeat, octopus, prawns, scallops, vegetables, bonito flakes, seaweed and tonkatsu sauce.

Sanma Shioyaki – Grilled pike fish with salt, lemon and grated radish

Tori Katsudon- been having eaten too many katsu don lately so felt a bit bored and fear of the “katsu” don now. Haha… however this latsu don is omehow different cause it is made of breaded deep fried chicken thigh simmered in soya sauce with shitake mushrooms, carrots, egg and rice.

This is the Sashimi Fuji which serves assorted of sashimi. Everyone is eyeing on this.. nice to see, nice to eat. Now you see, later you don’t !!

Santen Mori Soba – three varieties of chilled buckwheat noodles with spring onions, wasabi and shoyu dipping sauce.

Its served cold and chill. Don’t really taste the wasabi but its more like an egg noodle.

Unagi Maki – its contented with grilled eel, avocado, Japanese cucumber and sushi rice wrapped in dry seaweed.

Gyuniku kushiyaki – its beef skewer grilled with salt or teriyaki sauce. Just nicely grilled doesn’t taste raw with slices of green pepper.

Last but not least the dessert. Ichigo Daifuku Strawberry mochi.

Steamed rice cake filled with fresh strawberries RM16++

Full + satisfied !

Enju – 03 2170 8888 ext 8203


Jalan Conlay,

50450 Kuala Lumpur


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  1. It is a fantastic feast we have here 😀

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