China Treasures- Sime Darby Convention Centre

These day after work we when straight to Sime Darby Convention Centre to a restaurant China Treasure. The specialty here is the La Mian which are freshly pulled noodles like those can be seen thru the kitchen glass.

There’s an area where a variety of fresh seafood for order like the Australian Lobster, Flower crab, abalone, oyster and mores. Uniquely this Chinese Restaurant serves Halal food which I highly recommend cause the food is all great~yummy! The interior was decorated with antiques and the exterior looks exquisite with fine ambiance.

It could fit around 100-150 people so its a good place to have wedding reception.

The front view at the entrance.  I would never if I have never gone into the Convention Centre unless other people recommend me or been there for meeting or convention. But frankly it worth the pennies to go there to enjoy the food although you don’t have any function there. The parking was easy too with spacious car park lot which doesn’t cost anything by the way if you are going at night!

Private room available upon request to enjoy the food in a dimmed light

SO we had been serve with hot tea to warm up once settle down. Not sure what tea exactly we were drinking haha…

The appetiser -deep fried peanut with capcicum and cucumber. The peanut taste sweet and crunchy together with piece of capcisum slices.

The starter for the day Sliced Cold Chicken topped with Green Chilli Sauce. Its uniqueness is it is served cold but definitely not that raw with the dressing which taste a bit spicy and sour. This is very special especially the green chili. Definitely Malaysian taste but not the cold meat ^^

Next is Deep Fried Shimeiji Mushroom with Salted Egg!! This is definitely my fav on that day! cause I love mushroom plus it is fried with salted egg so it taste great and smell real good! It shrunk me and I makes me go back for more ….

And the appetiser, Deep fried MUSHROOM with wasabi sauce. Its a mushroom again but this time is without salted egg so the taste is quite decent but still normal compared to  the appetiser just now. Well, having the first few was very good starter to open my open my taste bud

Its does not contain much MSG compared to some soups serve in restaurant Albeit the  appetiser, its good to clear ur stomach with Double Boiled Seafood Soup in Whole Pumpkin.

Well, clearly you could see inside the soup is the scallop and pieces of crab meat. It mades the soup bring a bit sweet taste with the seafood in it.

Fish of the day is Steam Live Star Garoupa. Soak in soya sauce, the Garoupa doesn’t taste fishy with touch of ginger and hot chili

For poultry menu we had this crispy duck with sauce which is very crunchy on the skin and soft on the flesh! It taste salty but just good with dipping sauce. Though it looks oily but its just fine!! – ‘Roasted Duck Hong Kong Style’

Well this red meat was very tender and when you slice the meat then only you recognise it is a beef instead of chicken. Looks like a steak but its not ! Its Fried Beef Cutlet. Its good in the sauce or else it taste like a normal beef. All thanks to the sauce!!

Nice too see and decorated! Its made of lotus root, lotus seed and etc !! Its all edible and very light for a bite!-  Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic

Close up !! Not bad but the outer layer was tasteless so not my choice ^^

Obvoiusly it was cooked with raisins! Ain’t it unique?? 1st time trying fried prawn in raisins… definitely to try food in the menu!

Deep Fried Prawns with Portugese Sauce

The freshly pulled noodles by the chef from the kitchen!!! Oh, its taste sweet and sour and I love this very much !! Served with garnish like mushroom slice, tofu slice, chic slice with a touch of spices! Highly RECOMMENDED by all the bloggers too !! I miss the la mian actually while writing this !! You just gotta slurp all in and your done!! Cause it just taste so good compared to other places I’ve eaten! – La Mian with Minced Chicken and Mushroom in Spicy Sauce

This also attracts me much and it taste like a tau fu fa.. So soft yet served cold. This is very special and should never miss this while you were there! It smells a lil bit pandan. It was name Chilled Avocado Pudding. Great for the skin too I guess since it is made of Avocado!!

Well, this looks special by looks and appearance since the color really attracts me! Its must have taste very nice too by looking at the texture of the dessert and the sago seed! Just imagine you were slurping on the sago seed! This is Chilled Mango Cream with Pamelo and Sago.

This is dessert had by other blogger which is Chilled Almond with Lychee!!

Chinese Herbal Jelly cost only RM6.00++ which is cheap with sugar water. This taste original with herbs and bitter too!

And I had the Red Bean with Lotus Seed on that day! The red bean is actually been boiled till soft and the lotus seed is all you could bite in the dessert.

I love this most among all the dessert. This is the Durian Pancake which doesn’t cost much by the way. It is so original without taste artificial with a sprint of choc powder on top~

So tempting and yummy!!!!

Double Boiled “Luo Han Guo” with Winter Melon – served warm which definitely cold you down during a hot day or night!

And the Lobster still alive swimming in the aquarium getting ready to be cook anytime…

This is a group of prawn squeezing in the aquarium !! Look so active!!

This should be the Flower Crab I guess. What I could said on the size is “Wow”!!

And what is this? So huge !

The Chef of the day- Chef David!! distinction goes to chef on the nice food serve!!


China Treasure opens on Monday to Saturday for lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm and for dinner 6.30p.m to 10.00p.m.

Sunday and Public Holidays – lunch from 10.30am to 2.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm to 10.00pm

Reservations: – +603 2089 3788

Address:  1A, Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Bukit Kiara, KL.


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