Teppanyaki @ 1 Utama !!

When for Teppanyaki food today…. food which came from Japan and been transformed a lil when came in to Malaysia. Its specialty was it was cook  on the spot with the chef  cooking with the stove in front of you…. So you could eat instantly while watching the chef cooking…

Although the menu doesn’t have much variety but it is quite a popular food among Malaysian due to its price and acceptable taste for Malaysian.

So the food includes california roll, chawan mushi, sukiyaki, fuji snow -like ABC, Gyoza & main course- chic, beef, prawn or salmon teppanyaki! Drinks include soft drinks & green tea which is refillable either in hot or cold

As shown in the laminated menu, the food serve in Teppanyaki is HALAL & a fast food restaurant. So the turnover of customer is consider high. Sitting there for 2 hours I can see that the table next to us keep on changing. Although its not a chilling place but its a good fast food Jap restaurant for those who prefer Teppanyaki !

The chef cooking for us on that day …..

All 4 types of Teppanyaki served

This is the chic teppanyaki with tauge and cabbage sizzle on the stove just now. Served together with garlic flakes and rice….. taste juicy and with a lil bit of black pepper to savor the taste of chicken. most importantly is the garlic spread on top of the chic.. crunchy to be munch together with the chic !!

This is the california roll… conventional sushi but very nice and freshly made… as you could see, the vege is very fresh and green together with crab stick and crab eggs….

Food those who afraid oily or heaty, you coild opt for suki yaki! served in soup with noodles like “tung hoon” together with some seafood, vege and nevertheless japanese tofu !

So another option to have is the prawn tepanyaki. Stir and grill together with the vege.

Followed by the Salmon Teppanyaki…. not too worry cause its 100% cook and doesn’t tasfe fishy !

Last but not least beef teppayaki which juicy when you eat it. Smell good definitely ^^

Mix of yin & yang. Sauce with chili and soya sauce + garlic

For side dish you could order a gyoza….

And for dessert you could go for Fuji Snow which similar to ABC ice in Malaysia.. But this is definitely worth it cause the ice is tall like Mount Fuji 😛 with lots of ingredient inside like pineapple. red bean & etc. ! Good for cooling after eating the teppanyaki !

Althought its common food but its all time favourite & popular food among Malaysia. Give it a go when you are just too lazy to think of what to eat !

Teppanyaki @ One Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


~ by purpleserenity on January 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Teppanyaki @ 1 Utama !!”

  1. This is quite a good fast Jap food …..

  2. Although the food is quite tasty but too much salt makes my taste bug rejected. Also the waiter and the chef are so rude and unhygienic when serving makes this place my last choice there. Even the clothes they wear look old and dirty also the cooking place where they just put a piece of paper cardboard really ut me off.

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