Delectable Cup Cakes @ The Gardens

Yup, that’s the most indulging cup cakes I’ve seen and packaged nicely in a colorful box with message box for you !! Bump thru the shop near to my office. Located at The Gardens 2nd floor this shop is at corner lot with a lil bit Garden concept… although it doesn’t have much to offer but what attract me the most is the cup cakes !!

Its concept is more on online trading and accepting orders customize towards customer’s needs for any occasion. However you may just walk in to buy the cup cakes which is down to 3 different types!

I bought it for my nephew who’s Birthday is just around Xmas ! It comes with triplet .. I can choose only 1 cup cakes which is 3D and 2 2D Cup cakes as seen in the picture above…..

Start with the indulging love chocolate cup cakes ! it was layered with few choc moist inside and the  top part was made with sugar so it taste a bit sweet… Look sweet but taste even sweeter when you eat in …. but the choc is the most tempting part in the cup cakes !!

Next is the Bear cup cakes which were made from Chocolate as well !! the Bear is made from full chocolate which is edible with rich choc cakes inside.. Melting in your mouth just like a cream with cakes ……

Lastly, to make it more meaningful I bought this Xmas tree cup cakes which is vanilla flavor.. nevertheless it taste good as well as the choc…

Here it goes 3 lovely cup cakes from Delectable ! this is the 1st cup cakes which attracts me to buy !! well I have looking at many places for nice cup cakes and here I go with 3 lil intriguing cup cakes on hand !!

And I;ve spend RM28 for 3 cup cakes ….. >.< expesnive but worth it !! the kids love it so much till they kept looking on it without wanting to eat it…. Not too worry, it can be keep chill or warm for about 4-5 days !!

Here you go Delectable web page !! . Located at The Gardens, Mid Valley !


~ by purpleserenity on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “Delectable Cup Cakes @ The Gardens”

  1. Whoa.. you tried already?! so tempting lah… I wanna try the other desserts in the store window as well.. all look so delicious! 😛

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