Night Out at bIZ cAFE Soho KL

Yup… suppose the night to be a night out but since there’s no where to go so deicided to go Soho KL at Mont Kiara for a chill out. Plan to go to tENJi for a drink but it closes earlier that night so we chose to hang in for a drink at Biz Cafe at the 1st floor of Soho KL….

Well the place is cool and chilling and suitable for hanging out or gathering with friends. Not so noisy and definitely a good place to have a good night view. You have a good view of the North-South highway from Soho KL once you exit from Jalan Duta or coming in to KL….. serves not only local but Western food as well.  The bakeries and cakes here is made by the chef and its quite famous for it’s cakes too ! ^^

Since its after dinner time we choose to opt for some delicacies which is lighter as a dessert for the night. Biz cafe is famous for their cakes so we decided to try on this cakes cause I love peppermint so much. This is the peppermint chocolate cake ….

Taste sweet and minty … although you would feel like eating toothpaste but it mix well with the chocolate..

We ordered a lime tail as well…. cocktail mix with lime with a sip of salt before tasting the lime tail… definitely a cooler of the nite.

This is the Mango Tree Shakies which I ordered…. with slices of mango in it and a dollop of foam on top … doesn’t taste sweet at all but quite nice together with the piece of cakes…

Straw in a “love” shape.. makes you feel lovey dovey haha….

And to add some spices in the drinking session we ordered this as a tit bits… Scrambled Egg on Chicken Ham and Foccaccia Toast. not bad! and the bread is good too !!

Try it out at Soho KL … Located at the middle of 1st floor of Soho KL ….

Biz Café, SOHO, KL

K-01-11, Jalan Solaris,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
T: 03-6203 0633


~ by purpleserenity on February 7, 2010.

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