LebaNese CuiSine @ Al-Amar Pavillion

The Restaurant is located at Pavillion KL and the opening hour is till 2am! So the great thing about it is its one of the indoor restaurant in Pavillion which open till late. Although the entrance door is closed but you just need to said ” I am going to Al-Amar” the guard will let you in ! Cause that’s the only indoor restaurant which open till late.

Ya, it seems to be quite privileged haha.

On the way I when it was actually quite blur cause we ain’t knowing where and which restaurant we were going for a review. What I know is its at Level 6, Pavillion. Never had I ever thought of Lebanese Food ! Its indeed a great experience to taste different type of cuisine and a good exposure and a new things for us to try!

Well , you must be guessing what is this? Hesitate to guess but it looks like some sort of kuih right?? haha… its called “falafel” . Its quite unfortunate cause we arrived late on that day so ended up sitting at the most corner of the table away from the host. Restaurant owner Joseph was kind enough to introduce all their delicacies and how to eat it. But according to our blogger, it is to be dipped in a “tahini sauce”. All those terms sound awky for me as most of the food name is from Lebanon word. Forgive me for being so unattentive >.<

Oriental rice

Fragrant basmati rice cooked with minced beef and spices. Thus, its good combination with the grill served.

Lamb Cutlets

Definitely this is not the portion exactly served! haha.. One thing good about Lebanese food is their emphasis on uses of spices in most of their food and the sauce they serve. If you are a person which loves trying new food i would suggest to give a try at Al-Amar. The restaurant owver Mr. Joseph assured us that their food doesn’t cost much as what you think. Even if you order a glass of wine, the meal wont cost you more than RM100 per person. And its definitely worth the try to dine in this fine dining restaurant at Pavillion.

If you would want to have something full, here you goes… the mixed platter with Kafta Antabli (New) and Kafta Khiskhash (New) (combination of chicken, beef and lamb) Perfect for meat lovers with 3 different kind of meat to taste.

Salad – Tabbouleh Harra

The salad were made of spicy mix of parsley, tomatoes, onions, bulgur wheat and green chili topped with lemon, olive oil and spices which definitely opens up my taste bud. Taste sour and spicy and good to be eaten with pita bread! My suggestion lar 😛

Dessert – Baklawa

In short, Lebanese sweet which taste really really sweet for me ! but looks cute! like old time games- batu seremban !!

Well, don’t be bias with Lebanese restaurant as most of you would have think no alcohol here! nop , you were wrong. To my surprise they served arak Fakra that has an alcohol content of 53% and is one of the best known brands of Lebanese Arak. It is mixed with a ratio of 1 part arak to 2 parts water, and ice is then added. But the effect is so strong. I just have a sipped and I was feeling the kick and my face turned red later due to blood circulation. I guess in about 5 to 6 sipped i am gonna be black out! seriously, this is the strongest alcohol drink i ever tasted!!

According to Joseph, there is once a guest who don’t believe on his advice for not drinking this too soon and he ordered a bottle and bottoms up in half an hour time. End up being escorted home by the friends. Pity him…… hehe.

Apple shisha

Well, another point you could spend there at Al-Amar is chilling out with Shisha smoking. And this is the 1st time i tried on shisha smoking with apple taste. Taste weird like some kind of dettol taste but its indeed a good experience for me cause I would sometime seen it at some of the mamak stall road site but always wondered how it is feels or taste like. And finally I tried and its quite fun actually just for the purpose of fun and to try out new things ! 🙂

Well, dinner end with celebrating Coco’s birthday! The cakes and cup cakes were specially made by Sunny, Big Boys Oven ! Looks nice and attractive! I wish I could have a cake tailored made for me too on my birthday ^^

My bad.. there a lot of back log. Gonna push myself further soon ! Blame on viruses on my lappie and hard disc. Bringing so much trouble ! Hope to get it fixed soon !!

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine
Lot 6.10, Level 6, Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21661011
Fax: 03-21551300
Opening hours: 10am to 2am

Oh ya, another special thing about Al-Amar is on every Friday and Saturday night start at 9p.m onwards there will be a guest apperance by Zein – musical live band duo and accompanied by Belly Dancer all the way from Lebanon only on Saturday after 10p.m!!

Thanks Joseph and Sidney for bring us to the review 🙂


~ by purpleserenity on April 25, 2010.

9 Responses to “LebaNese CuiSine @ Al-Amar Pavillion”

  1. Free Meal?? You guys always out for food review?

  2. wow looks delicious! you must enjoyed it!

  3. i just wnt more of the rose wine..ish ish!

  4. Hello! So this is your blog! Didn’t know it earlier.. LOL! I miss Lebanese food already! So delicious!

  5. I started to love Lebanese food after this review. 😀

  6. wow….very nice lebanese food…i havent try but will go and try after reading ur review…nice one!

  7. love the arak 😛 and the foods pretty good to. But yeah i agree, the ambience is excellent. It really makes one feel like theyre in lebanon 🙂

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